Satria Mivec 1.6 Turbo



Mivec 1.6 Engine

Toyota GZE Pistons

Custom Exhaust Manifold (which you won't feel good about)

Garret TD04 Turbo (small little hair dryer)

Cheapo Custom Intercooler

No Blow-Off Valve

(which I'd always believe is a waste of money and a power waster.)


Apart from the above, almost everything are stock standard.


Below is a rough tune of the engine at 0.9 boost which spike to 1.1 at certain points. Another dyno graph which I'd misplaced somewhere put it down at 234hp when water was sprayed on the intercooler. Torque was increase to about 27+ on that particular run.


If we could get the exhaust pressure level off with a better design manifold and put on a TD05, then I believe it'll be a bit better. But temperature wreaks havoc on the tune. Would love to have a water-air IC for this setup.


PROTECH did a marvelous job! Hats off to the Professore!


Satria 1.6 Mivec